About me

My name is Joanna Strzelecka-Tazbir and I'm related to game industry since 2009 when still studying started work as 2D Graphic Artist in Teyon in Lodz. When year later I finished my studies and held two Masters of Art on Academy of Fine Arts and Technical University in Lodz quickly became Lead Artist, Art Director and Project Manager of small team. Gathering various experience during different projects I've become game Producer taking part in a big games like The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

Nevertheless I'm still an artist who treat making games as artistic expression. That is also why I'm still drawing, mostly characters but also backgrounds, GUI and expand my skills in 3D modelling. Now I'm looking for the best chance to use skills and knowledge, to develop passion of life, which games and computer graphics are.

You can contact me via mail: joanna.strzelecka@gmail.com


Art Director

- Concept arts preparation and defining game style.
- Assigning tasks and supervising design team.
- Reviewing and approving all graphics.


- Developing and maintaining schedules and budgets.
- Overseeing whole development process.
- Ensuring timely delivery of deliverables.

2D Graphic Artist

- Illustrations.
- Concept Art.
- Game assets.

3D Graphic Artist

- Visualizations.
- Characters.
- Game assets.